Sunday, September 14, 2014


A special episode featuring some young talents. Filmed on location at Mckay Books Chattanooga. Along with Dakota Brown as Horace Kentucky and Casey Keelen as Cassie, we have: 
London Underwood- Velociraptor 
Arianna Flippen- Dog 
Madelyn Gill- Pirate/ Western Outlaw 
Dylan Flynn- Player One 
Ani Harsha- Sound Effects 
Kristina Willerson- Pirate/ Western Outlaw 
Kaylie Pettit- Pirate/ Western Outlaw 
Audrey Lawman- Pirate/ Western Outlaw 
Ashlanett Sanders- Pirate 
Quincy White- Pirate 
Rowan Powers- Pirate King/ Western Outlaw 
Isaiah Curry- Western Outlaw 
Mackie Pierre- Dog

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