Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Belle of the Ball

At his local five and dime, Horace runs into a familiar face. Andrew Jackson's in town shopping for silver spoons to melt into a bullet. He's got a specter to kill in his own time. 

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Sunday, September 14, 2014


A special episode featuring some young talents. Filmed on location at Mckay Books Chattanooga. Along with Dakota Brown as Horace Kentucky and Casey Keelen as Cassie, we have: 
London Underwood- Velociraptor 
Arianna Flippen- Dog 
Madelyn Gill- Pirate/ Western Outlaw 
Dylan Flynn- Player One 
Ani Harsha- Sound Effects 
Kristina Willerson- Pirate/ Western Outlaw 
Kaylie Pettit- Pirate/ Western Outlaw 
Audrey Lawman- Pirate/ Western Outlaw 
Ashlanett Sanders- Pirate 
Quincy White- Pirate 
Rowan Powers- Pirate King/ Western Outlaw 
Isaiah Curry- Western Outlaw 
Mackie Pierre- Dog

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Twenty Dollar Hero

According to our sources, our upcoming transmission of Horace's adventure with Andrew Jackson and the Belle Witch also exists as a radio episode in that strange alternate dimension where actors play the true life time travelers and the people they meet in their journeys. In this instance, Andrew Jackson is this fella:
Roman Penney is a 2011 graduate of the Professional Actor Training Program and is now working towards a degree in History at UTC. Some of his favorite stage credits are Godspell (All good gifts), Secret Garden (Dr. Craven) and the fully improvised two act musical Luck of The Draw (Player). Roman is also a musician and some of his proudest moments have been playing bass for the New York premier of That Other Woman's Child for the New York Musical Theatre Festival and the tenor soloist for Carmina Burana. Roman also considers him a lifelong student, so if he is not in school he is always on the lookout for ways to improve himself by learning new and interesting skills or reading up on new information he was previously unaware of.   

Returning Princess Celestine

Steve, the former replacement for the Four Horsemen's Pestilence, is having trouble with his temp agency. Turns out he still has some pent up Apocalyptic energy surrounding him. Now to return it to the full time Pestilence, whose bath time is interrupted with a wild and fantastic adventure.
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